Do my parents have to pay more tax?

Only if you earn so much that you are no longer “dependent” on your parents.

‘Dependent’ means that you depend on your parents financially. Parents who have dependent children pay less tax.

If you earn more than a certain amount, then you are no longer dependent and your parents will pay more tax. If you have a handicap, that can have an effect on the amount that you may earn.

The maximum amounts which you may earn, change each year. These are the amounts which apply for 2019.

Your family situation Gross maximum amount that you may earn
Your parents are taxed together 6.942,50 euros
Your parents are taxed separately 8.792,50 euros
Your parents are taxed separately and you are considered fiscally to be heavily handicapped 10.417,50 euros

Note: these amounts only apply if you:

  • have no other living resources (in French)(new window) than the wages from student employment;
  • state no actual professional costs on your tax return (the tax authorities then calculate a fixed amount).

Are you in a different situation? Or do you still have a question? Then contact FPS (Federal Public Service) Finance.