Will my parents keep their child benefit?

If you study, then in principle you have a right to child benefit until you are 25.

If you take on a student job, you must take into account the following restrictions:

  • Quarter 1, 2 and 4: you may work for a maximum of 240 hours per quarter;
  • Quarter 3: you may work unrestricted, except if you do not continue to study after the quarter, the 240 hour restriction then applies.

If you exceed this maximum, then you will not receive any child benefit for the quarter in which you have worked too many hours.

If you are registered as a jobseeker, you continue to receive child benefit if your monthly income does not exceed the allowed limit. Further information about this limit can be found on the website of the Federal Agency for Child Benefits (Famifed - in French): Flanders(new window), Wallonia(new window), Brussels(new window), German-speaking community(new window).

Please note: if you are working part-time or have a self-employed secondary activity, other rules may apply.