About Student@work - 50days

What is Student@work - 50days for?

Student@work - 50days is an online application that enables you to check how many days you can still work as a student at reduced social contributions.

You and your employer pay less social contributions for a student job. This makes working in student jobs an interesting way to earn money.

But the number of days you can work at reduced social contributions in a student job is limited. The government gives you a package of 50 days each calendar year: your quota. If you work more, the social contributions go up again.

You will find all the ins and outs of working in a student job in the section "Working as a student".

Why would you use Student@work - 50days?

  • Student@work – 50Days helps you to check how many days of student work you can still do at reduced social contributions – and so prevents you from exceeding your quota of 50 days.
  • With Student@work – 50Days you can make a certificate for your employer.
    With this certificate you can show an employer how many days you can still work without exceeding the quota of 50 days.
  • Student@work – 50Days gives you a list of all student jobs that you have a student agreement for and that you have already carried out.

What can you see?

This depends on how you log in.

  • With a user name and password:
    • you can see the number of days remaining;
    • you can make a certificate for an employer.
  • With an eID or token you can see additional data:
    • the employers you have a student agreement with;
    • the periods stated in your student agreement;
    • how the number of remaining days was calculated;
    • the contents of your eBox.

Read How do you announce yourself on Student@work - 50days? to get a better understanding of the possible login procedures.

What are you unable to see?

Student@work - 50days shows all the information related to your quota of 50 days.

So you won't find: your wage, your position, your working hours, your workplace, and all kinds of other things stated in your student agreement or that have nothing to do with your quota.

Your personal eBox

Student@work is linked to the eBox, a personal electronic letterbox in which you receive electronic documents from the social security organisations.


You can recognise the eBox by the following widget: ebox
The figure indicates the number of unread documents in your eBox.

Activating the eBox

You can open your eBox by clicking on the figure in the widget. The first time you use it you will be asked to provide your email address in order to activate the eBox.

What can you find in the eBox?

Every time you make a certificate for your employer, this document is also automatically sent to your eBox. It will remain available for two months.

student attest

Apart from Student@work and the NSSO, other governmental bodies also use the eBox, which means that you will probably receive other documents in your eBox in the future.

With eID or token only

The eBox widget is only visible when you register with an eID card or token. However, your certificates will always be sent to your eBox, even when you register with a user name and password.