Logging in to MySocialSecurity.be

How do I log in to MySocialSecurity.be?

With an eID:

  1. Go to the login page.
  2. Insert you eID or foreigner identity card in the card reader.
    Please note: it is important to insert your card in the reader before you proceed to the next step, otherwise you may be shown an error message!
  3. Click on “Log in with your electronic identity card”.
    A window will appear asking you to confirm your certificate. A certificate is a digital signature on your eID. It guarantees that your identity is real.
  4. Confirm your certificate.
    A window will now appear where you can enter the pin code of your eID or foreigner identity card.
  5. Enter the pin code of your eID or foreigner identity card.

With a token:

If you have Belgian nationality, you can request a token on the federal portal site belgium.be. If you are not Belgian, you must request a token from your local Fedict registration office.

Please note: you will only be given a token if you are enrolled in the Belgian National Register under a so-called ‘bis-number’.

I want to log in with my eID card, but I get an error message.

There can be different reasons for an error when logging in with the eID. The following information may help. If this does not resolve your problem, please call our Contact Centre (02 545 50 77).

Is your computer ready?

Start by checking whether your computer is ready for the eID. The eID website has information about:

Is your card in the card reader?

It is important to insert your card in the card reader before you click on ‘Log in with an electronic identity card’, otherwise you will get an error message.

Are you using Chrome?

Chrome and the eID card do not work well together. Try using a different browser for this, for example Internet Explorer. If you still prefer to use Chrome, try the workaround that has been developed by the eID team.

Do you use Firefox?

If you use Firefox, first install the eID add-on. For more information about using Firefox, read ‘Firefox settings for eID’.

Do you use Safari?

Logging in with the eID in Safari does not always work. The eID site advises trying with Mozilla Firefox.

Using eBox

Where can I log in to eBox?

eBox can be accessed directly via MySocialSecurity.be. You can also access eBox via any site which has integrated the online service.

What can I access once I have logged in?

eBox is a secure electronic mailbox, available to all citizens. Via eBox you can receive documents sent to you by the partner organisations of MySocialSecurity.be.

Who publishes in eBox?

The partner organisations of MySocialSecurity.be can publish in eBox. Organisations such as the National Employment Office, the National Office for Annual Leave or the National Social Service Office can send electronic documents directly to your eBox.

What is published in eBox?

Your eBox contains publications intended specifically for you. A publication is not the same as an e-mail. It is always a document that can be downloaded, for example in PDF format.

Where can I access eBox?

eBox can be accessed directly via MySocialSecurity.be. Additionally, you have direct access via any site which has integrated the eBox online service.

Who can access eBox?

Each citizen has his or her own eBox and is the only person who has access to it. You can log in using the electronic identity card or the token.

How do I know if there are any new messages?

Each citizen is invited to complete his or her profile on MySocialSecurity.be. The e-mail address which you enter in your profile will be used to send eBox notifications. You will also receive a message each time there is a new publication in eBox.

Can I reply via eBox?

Currently you can only receive messages in eBox; it is not possible to react to a publication via this channel. This functionality will be added in the future.